Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's Talk Diapers

Okay so normally I use cloth diapers around here. I don't have the cool ones, sure I would love to but the price of those diapers is just too much sometimes. What I do use is prefolds (some use these for burp clothes) pins, and vinyl pull on pants. These worked out great until my 22 month old decided to grow again. lol
So what do you do when you go to the store and they never have the next size pants? Well I went to the world wide web and found a pattern to sew my own. So now I have the pattern printed out, fabric, and everything I need, except for the time. lol That is my goal this week, to get the diapers sewn up, so we can get back to business.
In the meantime I am using disposables and I have found that there are many differences within the brands. In the past when we have needed to use disposables I have choose Pampers. never having a problem with them, they held up great, didn't leak, and worked out great for me. Until we got to size 5. They were thinner it seemed, leaked, and I had 3 diapers actually blow up causing my son to be covered in gel crud. I was very upset and I just could not believe it. The first time I thought well "it has to be just that one diaper from the box" Boy was I wrong when it happened 2 more times. Here is a brand of diapers that I trusted up to size 5 and I was being let down.
So we bought a box of Huggies and all I can say is "Thank Goodness for Huggies" They have worked out wonderfully and we have enough for now until I get to work and sew up the cloth diapers. I can put my son in an outfit in the morning and he can now wear it all day without worrying about leaks.
So that is my adventure in diapering for past few weeks. I will still recommend pampers because most likely it is my son's shape that was the problem, but I will also recommend Huggies as they seem to fit his shape so much better.

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