Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yelling at the TV

Lately I find myself yelling at the TV. LOL What the heck is going on with all these new products. As I watch commercials, I am often very vocal. My husband is just so happy about that. NOT!!! Seriously what ever happened to good old fashioned cleaning? You know when there was a bucket, scrub brush, and rag involved. I am just amazed at some of these products, maybe even more of an amazement is that people would actually use these thinking they are cleaning.
I find most of these produsts will help keep the inside of certain things fresh between big cleanings, but Hello what about the outside. The newest one I have seen is something that you basically stamp some gel to the inside of your toilet bowl and it will keep it clean for a week.
The bathroom can be a very good place to find germs and messes, so even if you have a thing inside your shower and something else inside your toilet to keep it clean, there is still the sink, counter top, outside of the tub, outside of the toilet, and floor that will still need to be cleaned. Apparently the people that are trying to make things easier for people have forgotten about the whole picture.
Anyway speaking of cleaning I better go and get this house picked up.

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