Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun in the sun that turned into no fun at all.

Today has been such a great day for the kids. First they were allowed to paint outside and that made for some very interesting pictures. Next they had a picnic lunch, but the dog made us cut that short. lol This afternoon they played outside with a friend and even had a popsicle.

Then the fun happened! My six year old came into the house and demanded that she was going to the mailbox, mind you our mailbox is about 3 blocks away. I said "No!!" and she through a fit and would not calm down. She even walked out of the house after I told her to sit for a little bit. I went out and made her come back into the house and take a seat. So needless to say I called daddy, I say I am going to call him a few times a day, but don't actually call. This time I did and I think she was quite shocked when I handed her the phone.

Her punishment is a nice empty room for a few days. No T.V., No toys, and in her words nothing for her to do. lol I told her she still has all her books, a dresser full of clothes, and a bed so she will have plenty to do.

After emptying her room I looked at my oldest son and told him to go and have a look at her room. I also told him that if he didn't keep his room picked up then his room would look just like that.

I suppose I was a mean mommy today, at least just a little bit. LOL

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments on our blog. We have fun creating things!

    This post of yours is quite funny. I and my friend have both tried that technic and although a pain in the butt to move the stuff out....it sure works!