Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Smiley gave Mommy a Boo Boo

The baby commonly is known around this full house as Mr. Smiley. Every child has had a nick name through their first year. Mr. Smiley got his as soon as he started to smile, why?, because the little cutey does not stop smiling. Okay, so he does have the occasional where there is no smile on his chubby face, but those moments are few and far between.

The other night we were having our normal breastfeeding session before beddy bye time. All was going great, UNTIL I sat him up to get the excess air out of his wiggly body. My little angel decided to find out just where his food comes, he grabbed the nipple. Yup, he grabbed right a hold of it with his whole hand. This is when I found out just what a grip Mr. Smiley had. As I was trying with everything I had not to scream out in pain, I looked at his face while also trying to pry his fingers off of me, I looked at his face.

There it was, the biggest and brightest, full, look I have a dimple SMILE!! I swear the child was almost going to laugh. He just thought he was being so funny. So what could I do? After I finally freed myself from his baby death grip I just smiled at him.

He is just the most precious baby, don't get me wrong, all of my children are, but this moment although painful showed me that Mr. Smiley already knows that Mommy can melt and forget everything that is going on if he just smiles up at her. I am in for BIG trouble later.


  1. LOL LOL LOL Did you squirt him when he grabbed? That used to happen to me! Babies are so much fun.

    I have your five words!! They are: Children, War, Housework, Art, Naptime

    Have fun!

  2. Those are great words!! I will post that up tomorrow. No I didn't squirt him this time, but I have been known to leak on his little feet and legs as he feeds off the other side. LOL Now I just have to remember to cover him with a blanket or something so he can stay dry.

  3. LOL!!! This is the greatest story! Although this has yet to happen to me, I'm awaiting the day that my nipple gets grabbed or (even better) bitten. Thanks for sharing this!!!


  4. Wow! Haha! What a story! I love this one, it's so different than all of the other breastfeeding posts I've read!

    I love reading about relationships moms build with their babies while breastfeeding, and this one just makes ME smile! I can't wait to experience that bond! Thanks so much for sharing this post! I linked to it on my blog! :)