Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paso Del Norte ECI Program and my family

Today we had the intake interview with a place here in El Paso, TX called ECI. Early Childhood Intervention, is an awesome resource for people whos children 3 and under have special needs. In my house the Doctors are questioning if my 2 year old is autistic. The place that came out to my house today was the Paso Del Norte ECI Program.

Tomorrow my 2 year old will be getting evaluated and then hopefully we can start getting some help for him. To me this is just great as we have been dealing with trying to get him evaluated for over 2 months. I found ECI on twitter, LOL about 2 weeks ago and TaDa!! They def work fast and I am nervous yet excited for all the good things that could begin for my son.

ECI offers some wonderful programs to not only help the child, but also the family. They have therapy and community resources available.

So until tomorrow, i hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


  1. I wanted to share with you in case you did not see it on my blog.... my middle child, Braeden, who is now 4 years old, was with Early Intervention for a year. He had a behavioral therapist and a speech therapist that saw him in our home. He then entered speech therapy through the school system for a year. My youngest has gone through EI and is now seeing a therapist for speech.

    I love EI!

  2. Thank You for sharing that with me. I will say I am sure I will have a bunch more posts about EI.