Friday, September 11, 2009

How Soon Some Forget

I remember that morning so vividly in my mind, as I am sure many of you do. I remember sitting there on the floor, my oldest (and only child at that time) in his bouncer, and feeding him his rice cereal. I remember giggling because he always made such a mess. This was our morning routine, Daddy was at work, Today's Show on the T.V., and breakfast time for baby boy. It all started out just the same as every morning before it.

Then it happened, now I had no idea what the World Trade Center was, all I know is that I just saw a plane hit the building. As I dropped little man's cereal off the spoon with my eyes focused on the T.V. a horrible feeling was rushing through my body. I quickly wiped off the now full tummy of little man and called my husband at work. As I was talking to him, I remember him saying things like "so, it must be an accident" But then still talking to him I watched the second plane hit. I remember saying out loud "Oh my GOSH another plane just hit the building". My husband quickly changed modes from just working at Car Quest to National Guard mode, as he said "I will call you back" and hung up.

By now I was hurrying around our house getting me dressed and getting little man into his car seat, Daddy worked just down the road, so we were going to him. As we walked in I remember saying "The pentagon just got hit". He was on the phone with the Armory and I was calling my Sis in Law. All I knew is they were stationed in New York and I had not a clue how far they really were from NYC.

After sitting for a bit with Daddy and watching T.V.(they had a little one hooked up in the office), little man and I left and were making our way to my parents house. All the sudden "Proud to be an American" played. With tears rolling down my face I sang it loudly in the car.

I remember telling my mom on our arrival that they are playing patriotic songs on the radio. I get why they were, but to me they should always play these songs and not just around the 4Th of July or when something like this happens.

I remember calling my husband once again to tell him about the plane that did not make it to it's destination. Probably saved a bunch of people, but still the passengers lost their lives.

The days that followed I remember just trying to keep those around me calm, continued with little man's routine, and thought a lot, probably too much. My husband went and worked at the Armory for a few weeks and time went on.

4 months later I was packing up my house and we were moving to Virginia. My husband was already there, this was the plan before September 11Th. We were now an Active Duty family. Years later and my family has been through 3 deployments and a few moves. We have added 3 children to our family and have just been trying to enjoy the lives we have. But I have never forgotten that day, those who lost their loved ones, and those left behind.

Today I am having a "How soon people forget day" It just seems like so many have forgotten. Maybe it is because we don't hear about it very much anymore or maybe we are all just remembering in our own way without a big to do. All I know is last night before bed as the news played I only saw of 3 events taking place around me.

Always Remember, Never Forget, Your World Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye.....

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  1. I had chills the whole time I read your story. I too remember every detail of that horrible morning. Thank you to your family for serving our country.