Friday, September 4, 2009

What is in my Freezer?!

So school has started in my house and even though we are a homeschooling family, I still like for breakfast and lunch to be quicker. So I went on a search for some recipe ideas and found an awesome blog. I not only found some great recipes, but also the knowledge about cooking for a whole month. has menus, recipes, and every detail needed to cook for the whole month. Now I am not there yet, but I did look through all the menus and choose a few things to make up and freeze.

So far I have 16 Hot Dog Croissants, 24 Corn Dog Muffins, and 5 dozen French Toast Sticks in which I found the recipes for from her blog in my freezer. I also have 5 containers of chili, a container of Taco meat, a dish of enchiladas and a dish of Baked Ziti from my own recipes in there. I have a few more items to add such as Blueberry Whole Wheat Waffles and Homemade Poptarts. Hopefully I can get those made up tomorrow at some point. After I get everything in my freezer, I will snap a picture.

I have had a load of fun cooking and baking. I find that I am most relaxed while creating yummyness in my kitchen. The kids have been watching and helping me with great anticipation, since I always let them taste when we get to the last batch of whatever we are cooking up.

So that is what is in my freezer!!!


  1. This is great! I don't know if I could do it, but what a fantastic resource. Thanks.

  2. I've often wondered about once-a-month cooking,but have never looked in to it. I guess I fear being overwhelmed. I'll check out the blog you suggest. I'm into fast and easy these days and any help I can get with easy meal prep is great!
    We will start school on Tuesday and my oldest will be back to ballet 4 days a week. I need some things in the freezer. Thanks for the post!
    Have a great rest of your weekend!