Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autism Moms Thursday

This weeks Autism Moms Thursday over at Autism felt learning is all about pet peeves. I have had an interesting week filled with people who just don't get it. Here are my pet peeves for the week, if I added all my pet peeves I would have about 5 pages worth.
1. Not all autistic kids act the same and please try to understand that just because my children do not act like yours doesn't mean they are like you say "normal".
2. Yes I homeschool, that does not mean that my children are locked up in the house and never see daylight.
3. Not every child likes Pizza, get over it!!

Okay I better stop there. LOL Really I could write a dozen posts about my pet peeves.

I hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. I am about to rejoin you in the world of homeschooling. I'll start at the end of the month. I agree that homeschooling doesn't mean we keep our kids at home and they don't get any socialization. Last time I homeschooled my son, one of my biggest problems was double booking ourselves with our homeschool group. My son got a lot of interaction with other kids.

  2. LOL I love these answers! It really gets to me that some of the teachers and other people compare children to others. There is nothing to compare each is different. Sigh... I forgot about that one. Good one!!

    Hey not to intrude on Tammy's Autism Mom Thursday but since you homeschool I would love your input on a post I wrote if you don't mind sharing your opinoin.

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. I appreciate this post and the comments. There are certainly a lot of people who want to label some kids "normal" and others...not. As an educator (and mom) I have always believed that there is no such thing as any "one norm" when it comes to kids. After being a nanny for so long, also, I simply CAN'T resign myself to the idea that any ONE norm fits all :-) I actually wrote something about that not too long ago: *Thanks again for the post!

  5. Thanks for popping over to visit my blog. I like yours. I'm following now.

    I have a friend who blogs who has an autistic child with some sensory disorder thown in. You might want to visit her sometime.

    I almost homeschooled but decided at the last minute to put Hunter in school. I think it's an amazing thing to do!!

    Have a blessed Sunday!