Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autism Moms Thursday

Todays Autism Moms Thursday is for all moms. It doesn't matter if your child has autism or not, we want to share this day with you. This will be a quick and easy post for everyone to do.

The theme is "Taking Care of Mom." List a couple of things you like to do just for yourself. Please join in and make your own list and head over to AutismLearningFelt to add your link.

I really had to think about this and go through my day in my head. The truth is I really don't do much for myself at all. How sad is that?

1. I do try to keep my toenails painted up pretty colors. I believe that one will count. lol

Wow! I think I have found a challenge for myself. I NEED to start doing more things for me.

Oh wait, I just thought of 2 more. lol

2. I watch Army Wives on Sunday night, Glee on Wednesday night, soon American Idol will start again

3. I need music in my life, so throughout the day I listen to various CDs (not just to drown out the loudness of the kids) but music puts me at a certain peace and can put me into a much better mood.

WooHoo!! I got three, but still need to infact do more for myself. So what do you do for yourself?


  1. It's surprising how much time we spend on our family. When we stop and think about what we do just for ourselves, it takes some thinking. It's important that we do things for ourselves. We deserve it.

  2. I love that show Army Wives! It's one of my favorites.