Thursday, October 22, 2009

Earth Baby Product Review

Upon opening the box, I was met with a wonderful aroma. I love the smell of natural products. You really don't need the added ingredients that are in so many products just to make them smell nice.

A little about Earth Baby, Organic Goodness from Mother Earth Products:
Certified Organic Ingredients
Pediatrician Recommended

Playful Sudzz baby bath Gel is natural fragrant, foamy fun!! Really it is, I used this product on my two youngest children. My 2 year old spent most of his bath sniffing, which was way too cute. After bath time he seemed relaxed and even slept really good at night. The same held true for my 6 mth old, without all the extra stuff in the product they did not go into sensory overdrive. As it states on the bottle, this product can also be used as a shampoo, so that is what I did. Their hair turned out clean and soft, along with being quite easy to comb through. The babies came out of the bath clean and ready to take on the next adventure.

I also used the Cuddle Soft Baby Lotion and have to agree with the name. Using the lotion made me want to hold the babies close so I could take in the lovely smell. Their skin was so soft, as were my hands from just applying the lotion. That is a bonus for mommy.

The other thing that I did with the Playful Sudzz Baby Bath Gel was to use it when I made up my wipes. I use paper towels and baby bath in making them, so I gave it a try. I loved it and have been making them using this product ever since. The boys have not had one rash since I started using the Earth Baby products.

These products are not just amazing but made with amazing ingredients.

Thank You to Earth Baby Organics for allowing me to review such amazing products.
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I received the products for my review for free, no other compensation was offered or taken.

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