Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carolina Pad, Ghostline 13th Birthday Celebration

Carolina Pad's Ghostline turns 13. I really wish they had this product available when I was in school, it would have made many of my school projects easier. I now know what I was missing in school, because Ghostline was not around I had to use a ruler (sometimes a yard stick) and a pencil to try to make my words as straight as I could get them. Usually a project required a really good eraser and two or three tries before I either got it straight or just gave up and left it as is.

What is the Ghostline?: Ghostline products have lines on them, which you can only see up close. I love it!! It is amazing to see poster board with pre-printed grid lines, so you can keep everything straight.
As soon as we received the package of products, I could see my two oldest children's minds start working. They had so many ideas. In the end they each decided on two projects.

My 6 year old daughter decided on making a new chore chart using the nice bright pink poster board. Since being able to make her own chart, she has not missed a day. The next project she wanted to do was to make a chart of her favorite things. She used the tri-fold board for this project.

My 8 year old also made a chore chart, but he used the orange poster board for his. The second project he did was for Cub Scouts. He had to pick a state and tell the state bird, the state tree, and the state flower. This was easily done with the poster board, some pictures, markers, and a little glue.

They loved that the lines were there. They both said it made it easier for them to make their projects nice and neat. We are a home school family and we do many projects around here. I think I will forever have Ghostline products in stock. No more plain boring poster board in this house.

In honor of Ghostline's 13th birthday, Carolina Pad is running a contest. The contest is called Lucky 13 Birthday Contest! They want to know why YOU love these products! In this contest there will be 13, yes 13 winners. What is the prize? Well 13 lucky classrooms will get a whole years supply of Ghostline products worth about $500. Is that not just amazing!! The contest ends November 30th so hurry up and go here to enter.

Thank You to Carolina Pad for allowing me to review what I call miracle products.

I received the products free of charge to do my review and also information about the contest. No other compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions stated above are mine and my children's own and we know not everyone will agree.

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  1. Awesome product! I remember trying to make posters look nice as a kid, but how they always turned out all lopsided. Thanks for the tip! I found you on MBC and am following you now. Please come by for a visit to my bloggie sometime: