Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CharcoCaps Review

CharcoCaps is a natural, easy-to-swallow, over-the-counter activated charcoal capsule that stimulates and supports the body's own defenses against intestinal gas. While we all experience gas about 14 times a day, CharcoCaps helps to naturally relive gas discomfort, pressure and bloating, which helps absorb gas and the embarrassing odor.
It's also great to take when flying since it helps eliminate 'jet bloat'.
Health tips, videos and a down loadable food diary are also available at CharcoCaps

How I used CharcoCaps:
Shhhh don't tell my hubby that I put this on my blog. HaHa I passed them over to him to use. My main reason to have him try them is because after every meal he can clear a room and that is putting it nicely. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked. He took them with dinner and did not make me want to leave the bedroom when it was time for us to turn in for the night. So if you are anything like my hubby, married to someone, or even spend a lot of time with someone who can clear a room after a meal, then pick up some CharcoCaps and try them out.

CharcoCaps Gas Card Giveaway: With gas prices still on the rise, CharcoCaps is offering a monthly $100 pre-paid gasoline card (while supplies last). Simply take the gas etiquette quiz and sign-up to win the gas cards by following this link here. Winners are contacted each month so that the pre-paid gas card can be purchased for their local gas station. This can sure be useful for daycations, staycations, or just driving around town to the supermarket, etc.

Thank You to Laura at Robin Leedy & Associates,Inc for giving me the product free of charge to review.
I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place

I received the products to review for free. No compensation was offered or accepted, the opinions are my own and not everyone will agree.

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