Friday, November 20, 2009

For the love of Thomas!!

Dustin has found a new friend and his name is Thomas or train or choo choo. HaHa I walked into the living room a little bit ago to find the above picture. I have to give a shout out to the creators of Thomas and his friends. Dustin is on the autism spectrum and Thomas along with his friends have kept D a little calmer. Recently some of Thomas' friends came with us to Pizza Hut. As long as Dustin had a train in one hand, he would eat with the other. I was a proud mommy.

Some people look at him crazy while he is running the trains along the edge of the table and repeating "choo choo" over and over, but you know what I don't care what others think anymore. We have to learn to adapt to any situation that may present itself and I am extremely happy that my son has found a love for Thomas and all his friends.

Believe it or not but even other Thomas and friends products help Dustin. I went out and bought him a pair of Thomas Pjs to wear during his time with a babysitter (which doesn't happen often) I believe just wearing them helped him get through the few hours.
When people come over to my house they can expect that a Thomas DVD will be in the DVD player at all times, they will also find trains in every room, and I can't forget the sounds they will here. (Choo Choo)

There are so many different friends for Thomas. Take a look and buy a few for a child in your life. HitHopUSAThere you can also find DVDs, Books, and so many other useful Thomas products.

You can also find Thomas items at your local, Walmart, Target, and other fine stores.

This was not a review persay, just my observation of what is going on in my own house.

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  1. My 4 yo is a Thomas addict as well. And they really do help him stay calmer and handle unusual situations! I love Thomas.....