Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It actually is the little things...

This past couple of weeks I have learned that, that old saying It's the little things in life that make a difference holds true.
The smile upon the baby's face when he is starving and has a full yucky diaper melts my heart. It is like he is on a schedule and every morning I am presented with a hungry baby, who is slowly stinking up the room, but with this full bright gummy smile on his face.
The white board that is now hanging in the dining AKA classroom. I love it!! I can write assignments on there, to do lists, and anything else that the kids need to know. Right now there is a promise written on there. It reads: Natalee is cooking dinner tomorrow night. Yes, my 6 year old wants to cook with just a little help chicken and rice for the family. How sweet is that?!
The bobcat patch; the patch to start all patches in Cub Scouts. It is just a small diamond shaped patch, but boy did it light up my child's face when he was standing in front of his den and was handed his patch.
Thomas the train: My 2 year old's new obsession. I love to watch him interact with the 2 of 5 DVDs that actually work. While watching he sets up his own track and gets all his trains (handed down to him from my 8 year old) and spends continuous hours playing.

Well that is all for today as I have to get my behind to bed. I leave you with this question; What are some of the small things that you have learned?

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  1. I learned that it doesn't take much to make our children happy: I just made a very simple flower fan for my 2-year old and her face lit up and she said, "I like it. I like it really much." :)