Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just need to get this out!!

I may just be in shock, who knows. I was watching ABC Family with my kids and Reebok's new commercial came on. OMG!!! I had to turn the channel, soooo not family friendly. I just lost ALL respect for the Reebok Company. That commercial NEEDS to be taken off the TV.

Luckily my children are not repeating the slogan, but I am sure there are some kids that picked up on it. I am grreatly dissappointed in the Reebok name at this time.

I need to add Gap to this list. Do they really think that having children pointing to ones behind is appropriate? Seriously! Just have the kids point to the person wearing the sweater and not the behind of someone just because they happen to have the sweater around their waist.


  1. Wow, I missed it but it doesn't sound good!

  2. Yeah the slogan says the word Butt, right out there and the female who is wearing very short shorts keeps having to gesture to the camera to move up. It is just not a commercial that I want to see and I def. do not need my kids watching it.

  3. Sex sells unfortunately. So many commercials and ad campaigns seem to depend upon it anymore! Sad.

  4. I just know I will no longer support that company. I have Mine and my husband's shoes in a box and ready to send back to them with a letter stating why I can no longer respect the Reebok name.

  5. I agree!

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