Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Permission Slips Review and Giveaway!!

Sherri Shepherd goes author!! You most likely have watched her as a Stand-Up Comedian, watched her as a film, and of coarse television actress and Not to mention you must have seen her as a co-host for The View. Now you can read her hilarious and painfully honest memoir. Seriously, Permission Slips is an amazing book!!

In this book Sherri shares her struggles, triumphs, and everything she has learned along the way. Have you ever felt guilt about missing an event, a phone call, or just running out of time in your day, well brush that guilt away; Sherri will save the day by letting you or rather telling you how to write yourself a permission slip. Just like in school when you were late and had to go get a slip from the office, you can give yourself permission to miss that phone call, be late for a not so important meeting, or even permission to take a much needed long relaxing bath.

I cannot list just one favorite part of this book, but the sections that stand out for me and had me nodding my head in agreement the most are labeled Family, Mom, and Finally, a "good guy". Just think those are all in the beginning of the book and there are so many other places in this book that I could list.

So who wants a copy of this wonderfully amazing book? I have 3, count them 3 copies to give away to some very lucky readers from Hachette Book Group.

What do you need your permission slip to say? Let me know in a comment to enter this giveaway. Oh and don't forget to leave your email address in your comment also. I would not want to not have a way to contact you if you win. This giveaway will close on 11/25. Good Luck!!

Thank You to Hachette Book Group for providing me with the book to review and for allowing me to offer 3 of my readers to enjoy this book.
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I was provided the book free of charge to review, no other compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions stated above are my own and I do not expect everyone to agree.


  1. She is amazing...I love watching her as an actress, funny as a comidean and the view she was fantastic...Now a book...Oh I can't wait to read it.....
    My permission slip would have to say
    "Please give me Permission to take a vacation on a quiet island somewhere so i can read my book "Permission Slips"
    my email is
    Please enter me into this giveaway:))
    Thanks for stopping by my page as well.....Have a blessed day!

  2. Would love to give this book to my BFF for Christmas.

    My slip would say:
    "Give yourself permission to look fab. Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean you have to dress-down. Wear your heels, skinny jeans, and show them you're one, hot mama!"

  3. My permission slip would say "Summer has permission to actually enjoy a day off and treat herself to a spa day" :-)

  4. My permission Slip would allow me to make mistakes in grammar without my hubby pointing them out! And it would also allow me to take a bath, go to the bathroom and dress without two little boys feeling it necessary to watch me....

  5. My permission slip would let me stop stressing over every little thing for longer than 2 minutes in a row. Thanks for the giveaway!