Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Story Blogs By Four Military Teens Review

Thanks to Seeds of Hope Books I had a wonderful opportunity to review a book. This book to me is a must have on every military installation and here is why. My Story is a book that is about 4 fictional youth with real life stories. The blogs are a compilation of real life experiences of the military kids the authors have been honored to meet and to learn from. This book shows what our children see, hear, and feel about certain aspects of military life. Being an Army wife and the mother of 4 Army brats, I was very interested in this book.

My children are younger with my oldest being 8, but after reading this book I asked my oldest a few questions because my heart felt what each of these teens were feeling. To my surprise, he actually did have some feelings that he needed to get out to me but didn't know how. So while the book is based on teen experiences it can help with younger children also.

First let me tell you a little about the 2 authors of this book, after that I will get more into the book itself.

Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and directs the Family Mental Health Program at the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She is also a clinical associate professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

DeAnne M. Sherman, Michelle's mother, is a teacher with over 40 years experience educating, mentoring, and empowering teenagers.

The 4 blogs in this book address many issues that military teens are faced with, including pride in parent's military service, sadness, anger, and confusion regarding deployments, and the excitement of homecoming. Other issues addressed are the challenges of reconnecting after deployment, finding a new so called normal, teen depression, and divorce. The last two issues hit really close to home for me and they are dealing with parent's emotional and physical challenges such as PTSD and resilience and post-traumatic growth.

As a family we have gone through 3 deployments, the third being the one that would forever change our lives. We watched as the buses pulled away, well 3 of us watched as I was pregnant with our third at the time. 7 months later, the time came for R&R, also when we welcomed our third child into this world. 14 short days later 4 of us watched a plane take off taking Daddy back to war. Another 8 months passed and we were there waiting with excitement for Daddy to come walking into the gym. That night was wonderful, but as the weeks passed we learned that the man we welcomed home was not the same man we sent off on that bus. PTSD is now what we live with everyday in my house.

As I read about Mariah, Adam, Carlos, and Meredith, I found I could relate to each of them in a different way. There are extras in this book, pages after each blog section that state what the teen learned and a page that talks about the different issues faced by each teen. There are also a few pages in the end of the book where you can write down your own story.

My Story is not the only book available from Seeds of Hope Books, there are two others.
All 3 books are available for purchase at Seeds of Hope Books

I really do feel that each of the 3 books should be available to teens on every military installation. My Story is such a positive and powerful book that I feel could help everyone who reads it.

I received a free copy of My Story from Seeds of Hope Books to review on my blog. No other compensation was offered or accepted.

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