Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Snow Day!!

Earlier this week we had some amazingly beautiful snow, which I hated. Yes I really dislike the white stuff to a sense. Maybe it was growing up in Michigan or living in upstate New York but somewhere among living with all 4 seasons I realized that the white stuff that I used to spend hours in and end up having to be bribed with hot chocolate in order to actually come inside the house, as a child, is actually cold. I know BIG shocker right?

Here are a few pictures of our day. Can you believe that once again we have more of that white stuff falling from the El Paso, TX skies as I type this. Who knows if tomorrow will be another picture day or not, only time will tell.

Look at that, Finally a use for all the rocks in our yard.

I will admit that this is the part I love about snow. It makes the mountains look wonderfully beautiful, just like the trees back in Michigan and New York.

My daughter LOVING the snow!! She had so much fun and just like me back in the day, I had to bribe her with Hot Chocolate to get her back in the house.

My oldest was just way over excited as he played. First he wanted to make snowballs, then a snow man, then a village, and the list goes on..

This is my Dustin. He was very unsure of what this white stuff was and why it was falling out of the sky, but most surprising to him was that it was cold.

For myself I hope the snow stays away, but for those kidlets of mine I hope we get lots of snow, so I can take more fun pictures of them.


  1. I don't like that stuff either!! And it is coming our way (supposedly) as I type. Cute pictures!

  2. I only like snow on my terms! lol. Great pictures!

  3. Great pics! I am jealous! We may get some flurries here tonight or tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed....

  4. Such great shots! I love the cold weather and snow....although I didn't like the snow when I had to get up early and drive in it!!!

  5. You have cute kids! They are great pics!

    I found you from MBC and now follow you! Check me out if you have a chance!