Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please Help me figure out where this box came from

Okay this is going to sound REALLY bad, but the past few weeks I have been very unorganized (okay for the last month) I am making lists and getting things back on track. But.....

I received a box filled with wonderful sewing and quilting goodness yesterday and after going through all my sent emails and received emails I can not figure out where this box came from. Well I know where it came from, says the company name on the box. What I can not figure out is why. LOL

From today forward I will have to make an ongoing list of giveaways I win. I really don't think it is for a review, since it is a mix. I did find out while going through my emails that I won a couple giveaways and never received the prize, not a big deal though because I realize things come up. I myself have a few giveaway items I have to get in the mail, so sorry to those that are waiting for them, but good news they are all packed up and ready to be taken to the post office.

So here is a picture of the surprise goodness that brightened my day yesterday and if anyone can tell me where it came from I will be very grateful.


  1. I don;t know where you got it from but I'll take it off your hands! LOL I wish I had that issue..... LOL again....I totally want to learn to quilt.

  2. OH NO I am def. keeping it. I was so excited when looking in the box, I just wish I could figure out where it came from.

  3. Well I didn't give you the box either but I wanted to say that I am stopping by from MBC.

    I am also from an Army family. One brother is over in Iraq right now (2nd time) and my dad was in for 21 yrs.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Hey lady! Hope you are doing okay. Just popping over to say hello...

  5. Not an army wife...but my little brother was over in Afghanistan for 2 back safely home.

    Great blog!

    Following from FFF @ MBC!! I'd love for you to come visit me!