Saturday, January 9, 2010

Computer Down=No Fun:(

Well there you have it, I now know not to pre-write my posts to post on a different day. I had 5 reviews I was almost done with. I do have copies on word, but when it is MY computer that goes down, so does the word program that is on YOUR computer. I hope it is an easy fix and I pray I don't lose anything.

I think I know why I leave so many pictures on my camera, it is because when I finally put them on my computer, something like this happens.

Right now I am on my husband's lap top (which usually he is on playing WoW) So I may get somethings posted, but I have all these not so nice feelings towards my laptop that is not even a year old. The end of Feb. makes my Lap Top 1 year old.

What computer are you using? I figured I could take this time to get suggestions since there is a small chance that a new computer is in my future. (Sorry hubby I know that this year was suppose to be your year to get a new laptop) Oops. lol

I mostly just wanted to write this to let my followers know that I am still alive and will be posting up a storm hopefully within a few days. In the meantime, it will be a post here and there until I have my computer back.


  1. You could always take hubby's old laptop and they he could still get a new one.

    We have a Dell Inspiron 17 (something like that) that hubs built and got before deployment in 07. Another Dell Inspiron that is like 5 years old but still works good. And then hubby got me a Dell mini laptop that I love!!! Works great for me but not so much for other people.

  2. Glad to hear you are okay but sad about your computer! I have no idea what any of us have.... I let DH worry about all that! LOL

  3. hope your back soon! I'm following from MBC. Come check me out here:

  4. Being without a computer is no fun. I hope you get it back up and going soon!