Monday, January 25, 2010

My Princess is now 7 and her cake!!

My daughter is now 7, I think I am still in shock she made it this far. She is the only other girl in the house besides me. She also has the biggest attitude and loudest voice.

Anyway she turned 7 the first week of Jan. She wanted to go to a pizza place which also has games for her party. She also talked about wanting a Hannah Montana party. Well me being the cheapy mom, I decided that we would go to the fun place to eat and come back to the house for cake and presents. I let her pick out the Hannah Montana plates and napkins, not to forget the party bags with a couple little fun things in them.

Now this next part will explain how much I procrastinate sometimes. The day before her "party" I had the amazing idea to give her two parties in one. She was satisfied with only the plates and such being Hannah Montana, but she has this purple Hannah Montana guitar. You know where this is going, don't you?

Yes we went to the store and I had to get a new cake pan, a big one. lol

She had no clue as right before she went upstairs to go to bed she said "Mom, just a rectangle cake that is purple with pink stripes" Too bad I already had everything to hopefully make this cake that I was picturing in my head.

So I started out by making up all the batter, yup all 3 boxes of cake mix, yellow, butter yellow, and a yellow with chocolate swirl. I also remembered a few things from Cake Boss and made up some rice crispy treats.

The rest is history and here are the pics....

Before the baking

After 5 hours of cutting, piecing, frosting, and decorating. Everything that is not flat is made out of the rice crispy treat.

This one gives you an idea of just how big the cake was.

The best part and the part that made me feel better about taking 5 hours to make her cake was when I had asked her if this guitar cake was better than the rectangle cake she had asked for. She said and I quote "It is wicked better"..

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