Monday, January 18, 2010

Skylar needs our help...Meet Skylar..

Skylar is the two year old daughter of a member of the Army, who lives in Alaska and is in acute liver failure. She was med-flighted to Seattle and has been put on the transplant list. Due to financial constraints, Jessica, her mother, can't get to Skylar. I am calling out to all of you for help.

I think the most heartbreaking for me is that she does not have her Mommy with her. They have found out that it will cost about $3000 to get her Mom to her from Alaska. This all started on the 14th when Skylar started going into liver failure. She was airlifted to Anchorage, AK. She received a blood transfusion and for a few days things started to look better, but just as things started looking up, they fell apart and now she is in Seattle, WA.

Any donations can be made to the Paypal account: PLEASE make sure you have it set as a gift and in the subject line put SKYLAR FUND. Amy (the owner of the account) will send you a receipt for your "gift". I know money is tight for so many of us, but every dollar can help.

Here is the FaceBook page set up for Skylar. Help For Skylar

Please!! If you pray, keep this baby girl in your prayers.

This is what i am going to do, For every comment left on this post I will donate $1per comment up to $100 to help. If you donate to help this baby girl's mommy get to her, leave me a comment and for those comments I will donate $5 per comment up to $100. That is a possible $200 to help this family from my family.

Bless all of you. Thank You for the prayers and thoughts for Skylar.

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