Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!!!

Once again this week is sort of messed up being that we are in the hotel for another week. I did however assign a couple days to actually eat right here.

Monday-Beef Stroganoff and green beans
~1 lb ground beef
~1 can cream of mushroom soup
~egg noodles
~Brown the ground beef while cooking the noodles
~When the meat is done, drain fat, and add the soup. Mix well
~When noodles are done, drain, and add to meat mixture
~That is it, Quick and Easy

This is one meal that you can switch up to fit your family, Someone has allergies? Choose different noodles and a different soup. On a diet? Choose ground turkey or even shred a chicken breast and choose low fat soup. Not only that but the green beans can be fresh, frozen, or from a can.

Tuesday-Chicken Alfredo, salad, and rolls
~2-3 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
~pasta of your choice
~Jar of Alfredo Sauce
~I am weird and tend to overcook a lot of meats, I have a fear of something not being cooked all the way, but even though I bake my chicken for 45 minutes, it is still juicy.
~Anywho, Bake the chicken in a little bit of butter and oil at 325* for 30-45 minutes until done. Once done cut up in strips or bite sized pieces.
~While the chicken is baking, cook noodles as directed
~Mix chicken, noodles, and sauce together

This is another one that you can change up to suit your family's needs. If anyone has a great sauce recipe, please share?!

~1lb Ground Beef
~Bag of nacho chips
~Taco Seasoning
~All the fun toppings

This is one that you can prepare anyway that you want.

Thursday-I don't really know yet, maybe spaghetti. I will have to let you know.

Friday- This will be a nice dinner out as it is our last night in San Antonio.

Saturday- Will be dinner on the road as we will be traveling back to El Paso.

Sunday- I am hoping to make a nice baked roast with potatoes and carrots

To view more menus go to Here you can get ideas and link up your own menu plan.

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