Saturday, February 6, 2010

Restaurants and Manners

Okay it is pet peeve time. Ha Ha

Have you ever wished that you could walk into any food establishment with your family and go straight in and bloop every ones rear on a bar stool instead of waiting 10-50 minutes for a table? To me as long as the kidlets were old enough it would be so much easier.

As you all know we are in San Antonio for 2 weeks. Today we had quite the adventure since the weather was wonderful. Dinnertime came around and we walked into a few places. At one place there was a 45 minute wait, yup we turned around quicker than anything. Even though it would have been a neat experience to eat there, I just could not fathom waiting THAT long.

Now I try everything in my power to keep my kidlets under control while we are out and about. I can not stand when I am sitting and all the sudden a child behind me is kicking their feet and hitting the bench and the parents do not even try to get them to stop it. Sometimes my 2 year old will start to do that and I will move him or tell him to stop.

Tonight we sat by a set of blinds. The blinds were wide enough to span 2 booths and this child seated behind us kept on messing with them. I finally said something because it was that annoying. If it were my kidlets I would have made them apologize for interrupting, Do you think the parents of the kid messing with the blinds even cared, Nope!

OR here is another pet peeve. Kids standing up on the bench turned around and staring at you or better yet talking to you or hitting your head. Seriously people!! That is just not acceptable and really should not be a tolerated behaviour.

Now on to my last pet peeve of today. Ha Ha I really wish the waitstaff would think before setting anything down in front of the baby. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that anything hot should not be set down right in front of a child. They are just lucky that Mom and Dad are on the ball and we don't even let it hit the table, but I do love the look we get while they are trying to set the food down and we are literally pulling it out of their hands saying "That is not a smart placement of the sizzling skillet with the fajita stuff in it."

Whew!! Now I feel batter getting that out. LOL What are some of your pet peeves? Yes, I really want to know. Look out for an awesome giveaway coming in the next couple days from CSN Stores, the winner will get their choice of something $50 or under. Be on the look out for the details.

I hope everyone who is getting the snow is staying safe and everyone else is having a good weekend.

I was not compensated in anyway for anything written in this post.


  1. oh yea we went out the other night and this waiter or sorry food server put a hot skillet meal in front of my grandbaby! Smiley said just a minute as she tried to remover her salad bowl and he put right down in front of him.... DUH! She is too much like me; she reply OMG he could of got burned! and NO ONE (3 people bringing our food) said anything after that. But when we needed something else Smiley and Miss Animal Rights at the same time said ask our server to come over, cause she got the earful! And she said Oh no is he ok? Did he get burned? Gee it only took her a minute to be friendly and concerned...

  2. We went out the other night and the one that was getting me was these kids came in the front door of the restaurant (it was packed! 60 minute wait and you could barely turn around) dropped their coats on the floor and ran to the big barrel of peanuts that the restaurant has for those waiting. And proceeded to stand right in the doorway shelling their peanuts and throwing the shells every which way. And they were so loud!

    Or the wonderful wait staff does not bring my daughter silverware. We ask for silverware and they bring 2 sets. And we have to call the waitress back for a 3rd set because my 4 1/2 year old does not and will not eat with her hands. I don' want my kid eating their steak with their hands. That is just animalistic!

  3. I have a LONG list of pet peeves involving children in restaurants! LOL You covered several. I also hate hate hate it when the waiter or waitress doesn't even bother to ask if my 2 1/2 yo wants a drink. Or bring silverware. He is a person who eats! Wow. He needs to learn to eat properly, not with his fingers.