Sunday, March 21, 2010

Business casual?! Contest!!

Okay so I am ACTUALLY going to leave the Hubby Man and the kidlets for about 6 hours next Saturday. I will be going to An Operation Homefront Celebration!! At first it would have only been a couple hours, but I have been asked to volunteer and I gladly accepted!

Now onto the question at hand. LOL What is Business casual to you? I am all about my jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, so I now have to figure out what I should wear. I want to be comfortable, but know I have to dress the right way.

Give me some ideas!! The Hubby Man told me I can get a new outfit. So have at it, Please help me figure out what I want to wear.

You never know, I may offer up a special prize to the comment with the idea I end up using!!

Ideas could be a certain color, type of pants, type of skirt, type of shirt, type of shoes, etc..

Remember you could win a surprise if I choose your idea, so please make sure I have your email address as a way to get in contact with you. Don't worry I know I will most likely use a few of the ideas, so there will be up to 5 winners!!

I will be getting my outfit on Friday and will post a picture of it and the winners on Saturday afternoon!! I will hint as to the prizes throughout the week!!

You have until Thursday the 25th to leave your comments.


  1. Black dress pants with a light-weight sweater/shirt always looks nice. If you think it will be cool, add a cute blazer.

    If you're going to be on your feet, go with some nice flats or a low heel. It's important to take care of those feet. :)

  2. Khakis are a great way to go. They go with most tops and they can be as comfortable as jeans. Plus, you can wear flats with khakis which is always positive in my book!

  3. Dressy pants - either nicely tailored khakis or about any black or dark brown pants.

    As for shirts, I'd say some sort of blouse. Not a knit type shirt but maybe something more like a button up blouse or one with buttons at the top.

  4. Business casual I usually end up wearing those loose black pants (not booty pants, but not slacks either.Dress pants I guess?)and a cute shirt. For women I think business would be more of a matching shirt/pants suit kinda thing. Business casual for men is usually a button down shirt with no tie and slacks if that helps at all.

  5. Now I am an old goat and an old goat from NJ...
    to me business casual would be a pair of slacks (not jeans, sorry) with loafers or other less than dress shoe. On top I would wear a button down blouse with a sweater or jacket.

    I told you - I'm an old goat...

    Good luck!

  6. What a fun giveaway idea! For business casual, I would wear a cute button-down shirt or a light sweater with black/brown tailored pants or khakis. I'd go for brown or black shoes, anything from flats to a 2" heel (depending on the overall look of the outfit).

    For an outfit with a skirt, I would either wear a knee-length A-line skirt with cute button-down shirt. Same rule for shoes - Flats up to a 2" heel.

    If you're stuck on colors, I would go for softer, muted colors. And black is always safe - you can even wear all black.

    Hope you have fun! =)

  7. no jeans! no cleavage! slacks, skirt that sits at or below the knee in length, nothing that looks too much like a t-shirt and not too fitted. and no sneakers!

  8. Slacks are better than a skirt unless the skirt is knee length. I suggest black or khaki slacks. A sweater or button up shirt or a nice pullover top. Try for muted colors or black. Nothing too bright. Flats are great.

    You could also wear a cute little dress with sandals but nothing too short or with too much skin showing.

    I like these pants:

    And I love this top:

    And these shoes are awesome:

    And here is a cute little set:

    Hope that helps! I am big on flowy tops and slimming slacks. LOL