Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finger Painting and Irish Stew

Today I def. felt the luck that this day is suppose to bring. I made this
Irish Stew for dinner. It turned out wonderful and I love the way it filled my house with an amazing scent.

The other wonderful thing that happened today is something we have been working on for quite awhile. My almost 3 year old finally used the finger paints. Not only that but he had fun. This may not seem like such a huge thing for most, but in this house this is an amazing accomplishment for my little man. This is a child who has to have clean hands and just before he painted, he was using markers. While using markers he had wrote on his hand and refused to do anything else until I wiped his hand clean. So to be able to snap these beautiful pictures that show in his words a "mess" I feel so very blessed.

He has been working with his OT for the past few months and I am sad that on his 3rd birthday all his therapists will be switched since he will no longer qualify with ECI and we will have to work with the school district.

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