Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Stamps.. Seriously?!

Warning this is a vent, not meant to make anyone feel bad. This is just something I NEED to get out.

I recently read an article This one in fact and I just can't let it go.

So here are my thoughts... NO ONE can live on Food Stamps alone, it is just not possible. Well maybe you can but it involves living with someone else or having some kind of address to call your own. The fact is that you NEED a residence to get help in most states. I was reading this article and reading all the "stories" and I am just amazed that some of the people could get the help in the first place.

I may be a bit frustrated with the system in the first place and that may be where this post is coming from. Many years ago when my husband and I were first starting out and after our first child was born, back before the Army became our family, with both of us working, we applied for help. Why? because sure W.I.C. made it possible for my son to have food and helped while I was pregnant, my husband and I lived in a trailer with no car payments, and still were having some problems in the money department.

So we go in and apply for help, yeah that was a total waste of my time. You know what they said we could get. A HUGE $6.95 per month. It was horrible, so it was then that I decided a change was needed. Apparently I was wrong about what Food Stamps were all about. I was under the impression that they were there to help when people needed the help. NOPE apparently my whole view was just plain wrong. Seriously, what can $6.95 buy in terms of real food per month.

So reading this article where people are saying that Food Stamps are their only source of income and they had to move in with family, or god forbid sell a few weapons to make a little money, or the number of other stories they talk about with in that article just rubs me the wrong way. I just can't believe in the system anymore. I know when we applied it went by income and household size. I guess maybe we were too honest because we were told to sell our second car, mind you we DID NOT have any car payments and the fact that if we were to sell one of the cars I would have no way to get to work. Sure that would have been a wise decision, but hey maybe if we would have done that, then with me having no job because I would have no way to get to my job across town, maybe just maybe we could have reapplied for food stamps and been approved for more, Heck maybe even $20.

Anyway, back to my point, if I really have a point.. How the heck can someone claim that food stamps are the only source of income they receive? How does one person receive so much in food stamps and the next only get approved for $6.95. The whole thing just does not add up..


  1. Yea when I was out of work on a medical leave for 3 months I signed up for aid. They gave me 400 a month in food stamps, nothing to help with bills.Because I had a job just no income. My bills run around 850 a month. Now I have a job gross 900 a month and get 260... I don't get it. But I do need that help with food cause 20 every 2 weeks wasn't getting it.

  2. I am happy that you could get the help when you needed it. To me that is how the system should work, but I have seen so many people that are receiving the help that do not need it, they lie and cheat the system. To me that takes away from the ones that actually need the help.

  3. It really depends on the area you live in. The guidelines are not the same from state to state. When we lived in FL, I was pregnant with my second child and Steven was out of work. I was told I made $20 too much to get any aid at all. I made about $21,000 a year then for a family of 3 with one on the way.

    In MS, when we moved here I was not working and Steven is making about $28,000 a year for a family of 5. We get $324 a month in Food stamps.

    In TN, friends of ours are a family of 4 and make about what we do per year. They get almost $600 a month in FS.

    What I have figured out is that it depends on how many people are receiving aid, what the cost of living is and what the current guidelines are (they seem to change constantly!).

    But, so many people lie and try to get around the system. It kills me. And then when you really need the help, it is not available. I understand your frustration!