Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Night Out!!!

Last night we dropped the 4 kidlets off at the neighbors and headed out to Las Cruces, NM. Why, did we go to Las Cruces and not do something right here in El Paso, TX? We bought tickets to go see Zac Brown Band at the Pan American Center. This was not just a concert where the artist comes out and sings a few songs, this was 4 hours of complete entertainment.

Joey and Rory were the Special Guest MCs and they are so darn cute. Seriously! Rory wears overalls and that is how I recognized them. Ha! I have seen them on CMT before, but I could never remember their names, but as soon as they walked on stage last night I turned my Husband and said "They are good, just listen!" They came out a few times and not once disappointed us. One of my favorite songs from them was Cheater Cheater. That one is hilarious.

There were 3 Artists joining Zac Brown Band. Once again every single one of them was wonderful.

Levi Lowrey was out first. It was said that he takes the worst of times and writes amazing songs about them. That is so true! Levi's songs are about normal things that have, can , or will happen to any one of us.

To my surprise Zac Brown came out and sang a song with Levi. He just walked out on the stage and they started singing. It was amazing to say the least! At most concerts you have a band or an artist that will play before the main artist comes out, not with Zac Brown Band, they play right along with every single artist on tour with them.

The next artist that was up was Sonia Leigh. She is amazing and I can def. see why she was picked to be one of the ones that were there on the tour. She had so much energy and just like with Levi, I did not dislike any song.

The last of the 3 on the tour was Nic Cowan He played Gutter Song, which really took me back and made me laugh. He has this sound that although different is wonderful. He seems to pull you in to his music.

The thing that stands out about this concert to me is the music, not just the words to a song, but the way everyone plays their instruments. Jimmy De Martini has a way with the Violin like I have never seen before. John Driskell Hopkins on Bass, Coy Bowleson Guitar and Organ Clay Cook on a range of instruments including; Guitar, Organ, Mandolin, and Pedal Steel, and Chris Fryar on Drums!! There were times that I was listening in amazement when no words were being sung. They are wonderful musicians!

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They were all wonderful and if you get the chance to see all or any the artists listed above, you will not be disappointed!!

The above is an account of my own personal experience. All opinions above are my own and I know not everyone will agree with me. I was not compensated in any way to write this post.

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  1. glad u got a night out without the kiddos..those are hard to come by!