Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glasses and Kids! Oh and Mommy too!

Yesterday while we were out and about my Husband decided to surprise my daughter and I with a trip to the eye doctor. Yeah what a wonderful treat. LOL

My daughter did really well during her eye exam, she was a little nervous and got really quiet a few times, total opposite of her normal extra loud self. As soon as the eye doctor said "Yup, you will need glasses". Natalee went from quiet to overly excited and kept repeating "I want a pink pair." It was too cute. She didn't even want the stickers offered to her, she just wanted her glasses.

We went next door to Lenscrafters, where she proceeded to pick up every pink pair of frames. Daddy helped her narrow down her choices to 3 and then she was able to pick just one from there.

While Daddy was helping Nat, I was also trying to pick out new frames. With my new haircut and the fact that the frames I was currently wearing were 6 years old, I knew I wanted something different. I really can't believe how much the frames have changed in 6 years. Some of them were so tiny and yet others were extremely huge. LOL They have wonderful people working in the store and with some help from them. I found the perfect pair!! The best part was that they were not pushing the most expensive frames on me, I really appreciated that. I got my choices down to 2 and the man (sorry forgot his name) had me put them both on a few times, then he suggested the pair I picked in the end.

Natalee wanted her new glasses like yesterday, so when the man said they would be ready in about an hour, Natalee's smile turned upside down. Daddy suggested we go and grab something to eat because with there being 6 of us it would take just about an hour. She finally agreed and we left to go eat.

All through dinner Natalee was in a hurry, it was too funny watching the excitement on her face. Once we were done eating, we made our way back to Lenscrafters and low and behold they had all 3 pairs of glasses done, Yup mommy got her first pair of sunglasses to go a long with the new pair of glasses.

I remember not being very excited at all when in 5th grade I had to get glasses, so it was so much fun watching my daughter going through this process with a smile.


  1. How cute she is! I remember REALLY wanting braces, I even made my gum like braces on my teeth, and then I got them and hated them!

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  3. Following from FFF at MBC. Nice to meet you!

  4. She looks really cute in her new glasses! :)