Monday, March 22, 2010

REALLY need to get this out...

Something happened right here on my street in my Military housing area a few weeks ago. A little boy was approached by a car and the driver stated that the little boy's mom had told him to pick the child up, supposedly a gun was even shown. The boy ran away and Thank Goodness he did not get hurt.

This is where my anger comes in. My friend from down the street heard it from her across the street neighbor. I even said out loud that "IF" this really happened surely we all would have been notified..

Fast forward to tonight when my neighbor and I stopped an MP and asked. You know what? YES this did happen and no one was notified. The MP asked if we were at the last town hall meeting, to which both my neighbor and I said "what town hall meeting?" Yup, we were not even notified of a town hall meeting. The MP was even shocked that no one in the area was notified.

Heads are going to start rolling around here. I keep saying that they need to start checking IDs at the two areas that you can enter this area. I know when there was a shooting in a nearby area they were checking everyone coming into ours.

I no longer feel safe and I am so glad I home school because this happened as the boy was walking home from school.

Thank You for letting me get that out...


  1. How scary!! We don't live on post here, but going through it there are no guards guarding the off post-on post housing (across from main post) so anybody can drive through there and do what they want.

  2. i'm pissed that i wasn't notified

  3. More and more every day I really want to homeschool.Reasons such as this. Reasons such as more than once this year the local elementary schools have been put on lockdown due to robbers/suspects/etc in the area.Not to mention how many shootings are we going to have at schools before someone does something about it?

    That is horrible.

  4. How horrible!!!!!!!!!! I imagine that you have been going through a blog in your head and that is felt good to get that out!!!

    I am following you from MBC with FFF. I hope that you will come back and follow back. Have a great week!