Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping List Time!!

Well we sprang ahead and today in El Paso it is a beautiful day. At least for now until the wind starts up again.. Ha 3 out of 6 of us are awake and ready to start the day.

It is list time.. Do you make a grocery shopping list? Do you just write stuff down or do you organize your list? I have to have a list, if not I spend way more than I want and without the list I can't tell the kids that we can't get something because "It is not on the list".

I feel I could be more organized with said list. Currently I just write everything down, but today I want a change. lol

Today I wrote down categories and underlined them, then I am writing down what I need to get in each category.

Here is a list of common categories:

Baby Items~


Spices~ I put these here because spices are usually found in the baking aisle.



Canned Goods~ with sub lists to include, well everything that comes in a can. Veggies, Fruits, Soups, Sauces, even Tuna fish and some olives fall into the canned goods category.




Deli~ this would not only include potato salad and such, but also any meats you get cut at the Deli counter.

Frozen Foods~

Meats~ Just remember that any canned meat would go under the Canned Goods section, any frozen meat would go under the Frozen Foods section, and any luncheon meat you get cut would go under the Deli section

Pet Food~ The animals need food also.

Other~ This includes plastic wrap/bags, aluminum foil. I put this right with the food products because with Freezer cooking, bags and such are just as important as the food itself.


Produce~ this includes all fresh fruits and vegetables

Chips & Crackers~

Other Snacks~

Since you never can go grocery shopping without at least getting a few miscellaneous or non food items, I like to have them on my list.

Miscellaneous~ gift cards/wrap, batteries, etc.

Non-Food Items

Paper Products~ such as toilet paper and paper towels
Cleaning Supplies~
Health & Beauty~ this includes girly products for the not so great week, pharmacy items, and shampoo and such.

Do you have other categories that you write down?

Today while I am at the store I plan on mapping out the aisles. Writing down the aisle numbers and what is down each aisle. I think my next list will be split by aisle number. It is worth a try, it may or may not make it easier.

So how do you write your lists? Are you a just jot it down kind of person or are you organized like I am trying this week?


  1. I love lists too but I usually leave them home and forget at least 2 items each time. I coupon so much that I usually make several trips to the grocery store in a week anyway. I have good intentions, just not as organized as I'd like to be!

  2. A couple years ago I had nothing, no good intentions and not even the hint of organization. I can still get a lot more organized, but I just take it step by step and eventually (read: Many Years Later) I will get there.

  3. I actually made a spreadsheet on excel, and print it up so I (or hubby if he uses the last of something) can mark it off and then I take it with us.

  4. Oh that would be a good idea also with the spreadsheet. I did pretty well today with having a categorized list.

  5. I do write list but buy the same stuff most of the time that it's just imprinted into my mind : ) But something I do do when I get home that helps is I have a shelf for all the foods I need to make dinner that week. And that way if we end up going out instead I can just go back to that shelf when I am writing out the list and see what I already have or need to get.