Monday, March 15, 2010

The Shopping Trip!!

I don't know about you but I have a hard time justifying driving around to different stores in order to get all my groceries. I know I could probably save a little more if I did, but gas is not cheap and until we get a new battery for the mini van, we are driving around in the Suburban.

Yes I am an Army wife, but I choose not to shop at the commissary. Why? That is simple, I do not and will not buy name brand items unless it is during a case lot sale. In other words I have no reason to step foot in the extremely busy commissary where I have to pay a surcharge (yep tax free, but...) and feel obligated to pay the bagger, when I can go to my local Albertson's buy off brand items and save even more by bringing my reusable bags.

So here is the run down of my shopping experience yesterday:
Don't freak out when you see the total cost. HaHa This is a months worth of stuff.
Spent $329.31
Tax: $4.22 (The surcharge at the commissary would have been triple or even quadruple)
Great Deal Savings: $50.15
Promotional Savings: $12.30
In store Coupons: These would be the ones I got by playing the monopoly game they have going on: $23.86
Total Savings: $86.31 Woo Hoo!! My bill would have been over what I budget had I not had the savings.

Here is a list of the extras non food stuff: Q-tips $2.99, Disney 3-pack pens $3.29, toothpaste 2/$6.00.

I did allow a few extras, but 98% of the items bought were on my list. I forgot my bags, but the other day I ran into Albertson's real quick using 2 of my bags and saved 15 cents. So I missed out on the bag savings this trip. To my defense I just recently bought the bags at a price of 10/$10. I love that they can put more into them and they are easier to carry. I also do not let them put juice, milk, pop (soda), and a few other things into bags. It is just not necessary to waste even more bags.

Do you use the reusable bags? Does your local store give you a bag credit as such for bringing your own bags?

Anyway, I did make my list into categories this time and it was so much easier. I also was not running back and forth because I had forgotten something in another aisle. I now have everything to make up my dinner dishes, a couple breakfast dishes, a few lunch dishes, rolls, and some desserts for a month.

Starting tonight I will post up what I make with pictures, so don't forget to check back or follow me so you don't miss it!!


  1. Oh, I hate when they bag milk and soda! I mean - really? It's such a waste PLUS it's so much easier to carry without a bag!

    And I am so with you on the going from store to store thing. I went to HEB one day and still ended up at Wal-Mart because there is a certain type of chicken I like. And about ten other things on my list that I couldn't get at HEB. Plus it was so crowded! And their carts are about as big as a Semi Truck and I kept running into everything!

  2. I do all my shopping at one store also. I used to use only off brands but since I discovered couponing I rarely use off brands. I can get my name brand items cheaper with the coupons than off brands. I use the canvas bags (when I remember to grab them) and get a 5 cent per bag credit.