Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When the day goes from great to not so great...

I will be posting up some reviews later today, but for now I just need to get this out.

Dustin my 2 year old has an appt. today for a play based evaluation. I was all set for this appt. up until about 30 minutes ago when the Hubby Man told me that he can not watch the other 3 kids because he has a lot to do today. REALLY? This appt. was already rescheduled, today is the day of the new appt. So I called a few people but they are all busy so I called the school district.

No answer there so I left a message. I hate when I don't know how to fix a situation. I mean I would just bring all the kids, set the older 2 up with some quiet activities and put the baby in his stroller, but the letter specifically said to only bring the child who has the appt. So a little over an hour before the appt. I may have to cancel.

Oh I wonder what they must be thinking. "Look this one can't keep an appt." "Oh look how reliable this one is." or "She must not want to have the help for her son."

Seriously, I feel like a horrible parent today. I wish I didn't have to go to appts. like this one, but I will do anything I can for my kids. Days like this make it impossible. I can already hear some of my family members. They would say to just put the older 2 in school and then you would not have this problem. Well sorry but I home school for a reason and just because sometimes I have days like today when only 1 child is suppose to be at a certain appt. and the others are not welcome doesn't mean I am going to give up homeschooling.

Okay, sorry, but I am just frustrated today.


  1. you're not a horrible parent

  2. You are NOT a horrible parent and I have so been where you are today. HUGS to you and try to keep your head up. I hope you are able to explain to someone what happened but even if you don't, just keep rescheduling until it works. You can always explain later.

    And maybe next time, find a babysitter so that you do not have to depend on a "busy" husband. Isn't that frustrating?!?