Monday, March 15, 2010

Word of The Day: THE

My daughter is just learning to read. She is having difficulty with some words because of the way they are spelt.

Today's word is THE.

Every time she gets to this word I can see her mind working extra hard to figure it out.

She has brought it to my attention and I can see why this word is hard for her to learn.

Here are some of the things she has said to me:
T.H.E. does not spell "the"
Mom are you sure it is not Tha
No, the E is making the wrong sound, short e is a "eh" sound that would make the word sound like theh.
No, the "e" is not silent, that would just sound like TH
Mommy, this is just not right, why do some people say it like Thee, that first e is not the long e sound.

So you can see my frustration and hers. This child over analyzes everything, so just telling her how to say it and then how to spell it, does not work. I may end up losing my mind before she learns to read.

No wonder the poor kid is having so many problems in the reading department. So what were some hard words for you and your little ones to learn?


  1. I am with you, My son was looking out the window the other day, and our security company is ADT and we have a sticker on the window. Smart little bugger asked me what ADT spelled. Can you see the circle we got into?

  2. Sometimes kids are just too smart for their own good. I have many days where I wish she did not analyze everything. lol She makes home schooling so much fun.

  3. My three yr old isn't reading yet but I can just see it. The thing we're dealing with right now is he wants to write all his numbers and letters which is great but turns out he is left handed and it is so hard to teach him when me and daddy are both right handed.

  4. OMgosh, I am a HUGE freezer mama and that chicken looks absolutely delicious. I will have to be trying that one!