Friday, March 5, 2010

Youda Fairy Review!

I love to be able to sit down at the computer and relax for a few minutes. This is usually done by playing a game or two. I had the opportunity to review a really great game that is perfect for me to play while relaxing.

Youda Fairy has the perfect mix of beautiful graphics and nice music. The music helped me to relax and I was able to concentrate on the game itself. While it does start off slow, within a few levels you find yourself with more challenges. Just as I thought that the game was moving quite slow, I found that the next level was just what I needed as being challenging. The whole game seems to move at that rate. The following level has just enough more challenges and fun to keep you interested to try to get to the next level and the next one after that.

I love the colors used for the graphics. The main thing I like is that the fairies look decent and are covered well. I am sure most of you can see what I really mean, if not just ask. LOL I did have to laugh when my 8 year old son "took over" the game on me while I changed one of the babies diapers. I have to say he was doing quite well and he was def. using his mind to best handle the different obstacles thrown at him. His favorite parts were when he was able to save a village.

Youda Fairy Description:
The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch. This epic battle between the forces of good and evil is as old as time itself, but now the kingdom is danger. The Forest Wizard must leave the kingdom and he is now seeking a replacement. He wants you to become the new forest wizard and guard the kingdom against the wicked enchantments and spells of the evil witch. The forest wizard relies on fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villager’s houses.

System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP , Vista, 7Processor speed: Pentium II, 1000 MHzRAM: 1024 MB RAMDisk space (uncompressed): 100 MBGraphics Card: 16 Mb 3D video cardSound Card: onboard soundcard or soundblasterDirectX version: 9 or later

Overall, I feel this game is a good one to have in your collection, as long as you can get past the fact that the first few levels feel overly easy. Once you get past that the game is perfect and the levels move well from there.

I received this review as a member of the Game Review Network

I received a code to enter to play the game on my computer free of charge. No other compensation was offered or accepted. All opinions are my own and I know not everyone will agree.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying it, and your son too!