Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you looking for Educational or any other type of toys?

As a Home School Parent, I am always on the look out for educational toys that can be used in my home in addition to our everyday home school items. There are plenty of companies out there as well as about a million products available for anyone to purchase.

In my search one day I came across a site. This site is very well organized and it was so easy for me to find exactly what I was searching for. The one thing I love about this site is they offer so much more than just educational toys. They even have a blog filled with great articles.

The name of this site is Growing Tree Toys.  I have already found so many items that I want to add to our collection at home.

Things like this!


or this

You can spend all day looking around and the best part seeing all the wonderful choices is so much fun!

Have a look around, I bet you can find a few things that are on your list..

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