Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are your children excited about Summer reading?

I know for many kids getting them to pick up a book during their summer vacation can be something that is hard to do. TwitterMoms and Harper Collins want to know How you get your children excited about Summer reading. Go to the TwitterMoms discussion page to learn more or sign up for the contest.

For my children learning doesn't come to an end when school is out for the summer. We home school year round and this summer is no different. My 7 year old finally is taking the chance on reading. I am not sure why but before this school year she just had no interest in learning how to read. Now I can not get her away from books!

When the summer season starts, my children all ask to race to the library on post to sign up for the summer reading program. Tomorrow is that day here when we will all load up in the vehicle and head over to the Library. They are already planning the trip. Ha Ha

Some tips to get the children excited about reading:

1. Let them choose the subject! If they are not interested in the books they are less likely to want to read. For example my then 8 year old chose books about cats or with a cat as one of the characters (big or small) for all his books that counted for last summers reading program.

2. Get magazines in the child's name! We get 3 different magazines through out the year. One for each of the oldest 3 in the family. The kids LOVE them and will quickly snag them and start reading them as soon as I walk in the door from taking a trip to the mailbox.

3. Be a good example! This is the best tip that I have. My children have grown up watching me read books, magazines, and even the newspaper. They have also been read to every night (only missing a few) since the day each of them was born.

4. Find a local Summer reading program! This is something that we do as a family every summer. I love that our local post Library offers this program to children as young as 2. My now 3 year old LOVED being able to participate last summer.

5. Make the perfect reading spot in your house! Although my children LOVE to read outside as it opens their minds up, living in Texas is just too hot out most of the Summer days. So to help them we make up a reading spot inside the nice cool house. We lay out a blanket, add some big pillows, and have a basket for their books. This not only gives them a wonderful place to read, it also keeps all the books contained to one area.

What are your families doing this Summer? If you have some tips, Please share, I would love to know how you get your family reading during those hot summer months.

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