Monday, June 7, 2010

Do You Have A Honey Do List?

Now I live in Military housing but I can almost guarantee that if I did not I would have a Honey Do List a mile long. I dream of how I want my house to be (some day Hubbyman will retire) and certain rooms are high on my list. The bathroom for some reason is my most dreamed about room. I have it all in my head, I know what the bathroom vanity will look like. I figure I deserve nothing less than a double vanity at least in the master bathroom.

What is on your Honey Do List? What room or rooms in your house could use help?

I have worked with CSN Stores in the past, I did a giveaway and now I have another opportunity to work with them, so be on the look out for a review for a product from one of their 200+ stores. I love being able to go to one site and get all my shopping done.

Quick, easy, and amazingly simple...

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