Sunday, June 13, 2010

How do you rid your house of Dust?

I seriously need some help in this area. We found out that a few of my children are allergic to dust. Living here in El Paso is no help since on the windy days (like today) the kids can not go and enjoy the outdoors.

So give me your tips, product recommendations, and so on for keeping the dust down in your house.

I feel bad when we do leave the house on a semi windy day and end up having to give the baby a breathing treatment that night.


  1. To dust your furniture used fabric sheets work wonderfully!

  2. You know what, I never thought about using dryer sheets. Thank You!!

  3. You are welcome! My laundry days are my dusting days so I just grab the dryer sheet from each load and do a different room with each one. Then it gets done and it is an extra use for them so not as wasteful!

  4. That is an excellent idea. I will start doing that tomorrow. Thanks again!!