Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are You Better Than Ever??

Even though I don't think I would have ever dreamed that this would be my life when I grew up, I have to say that I am loving my life and would never change anything about it.

TwitterMoms and Dove® gofresh have teamed up and asked How are you Better Than Ever?

I am pretty sure I could write a book on this subject. Ha Ha..

1. I am married to one of the most understanding men I have ever known. He is Soldier and I am his wife and together we have been through way to much to list. Through it all we have had each other's backs. He is about to change our lives once again within the next few years and I am ready for the new adventures that it will bring!

2. I have 4 of the most (if I do say so myself) amazing children. God has blessed me with a son that is full of surprises as well as autistic. I have one beautiful princess that has such dreams and my oldest son Oh the plans he comes up with.. The baby boy is always full of smiles and he brightens up every day.

3. I have been blessed with my very own Angel. His name is William and this coming December he would be 5. He was a fighter right until the end and I love him for giving me that time.

4. We are a loving and supporting family, I seriously would never want to change even the littlest piece of my life. But compared to 10 years ago when this adventure begin, I would say I am without a doubt at this moment in time Better Than Ever!!

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  1. Great post! It does sound like you are living a great life! :)