Thursday, July 8, 2010

Army VS Civilian Is there a difference?

What do you think? Is there a difference either BIG or small between Army (Military) and Civilian families?
You are probably wondering why I am asking this type of question, so I will just say that some big changes will be happening around this house and in order for things to go as smooth as possible the planning and preparing will start now.

This is the first in a series of posts that I will be doing on this subject or subjects related to this.  I hope to post a new post every Thursday.

The List:
The Job
The Marriage
The Children
The Health care
The Family
The Housing
The Pay
The Deployments
The Time apart from extended family
The Education

This is my list of the areas where I see the biggest difference between Military living and Civilian living.

If you have more please let me know in a comment also let me know your thoughts so I can include them in the posts to come.

Whether you are about to go from being a civilian family to a Military family or you are a Military family about to become a civilian family, I want to know what you think the differences are.

When I first remet my Husband he was in the National Guard, so even though he was Military he lived life as a Civilian with only having a little time away during training times. During our first year together it was decided that he would return to the Army, so when our oldest was 10 mths old we moved away from the city and state that we had always called home and started our Army adventure.

We were naive and just because we had that steady income we were quite stupid with the money. If I could go back I would have never agreed to buying a new car, the one we had just made the trip from Michigan to Virginia just fine. I would have also started with my freezer cooking and being thrifty like I am now.

In the present time we are at our 3rd Military post, have been through 3 deployments, numerous schools, field time, and all kinds of fun and not so fun things. Now we have some big decisions to make as a family and you will be there with us every step of this process.

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