Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting out of the Army? What should be on your list?

This is another post in a series that I am doing about the Army, more specifically about making the right decisions when you know your time with the Army is done. The first post is right here should you want to read it.

I am sure there have been a few times that each and every Soldier and most likely members of the Soldier's family have questioned if they should be done with the Army or not. I know in the Hubbyman's time in, we as a family have asked this question. We have always weighed the pros and cons at the time and made the decision as a family. Up until now there was never a question as the pros have always out weighed the cons. Now we have a new list as the Hubbyman along with us (his family) have decided we are just done. This is our list.

The List

1. How to get out? Since Hubbyman has some ongoing medical problems, we have a choice here. For many this question doesn't need to be answered. Many will choose to just reenlist or get out during the window that presents itself during that time. For my family we have to do the whole pros and cons of being med boarded, medically retired, or waiting 3 years for our window to either reenlist or get out to present itself.  For my family we will find out more about the options starting at the end of the month. I will post more about the options that we are given.

2. Where to go? As an Army family we have lived in a few different states, so this is where this question comes in. Do you go back to your home state? Do you stay where you are at now? Do you pick a state where you were once? Do you pick a totally new place?  For us after really thinking about it, we decided we will go back to our Home State, but we will be going North from the city that Hubbyman and I both grew up in.

3. Work? This is a big one!! I know as well as Hubbyman that one or both of us will have to have some sort of income. I have not worked since Hubbyman has been in, not really by choice, but because with 4 kids it would have been quite expensive to put them all in childcare. I have a plan of going back to a company I worked for in the past. I have already talked to them and so far it looks like a go even though we still don't have a time frame. The hubbyman has looked into a few things and we are still in the discussion process.

4. Housing? Since being in the Army we have always chosen to live in Military housing we have to make sure we now budget for housing and utilities. What have we done? Well we have been looking for houses in the area of our Home State that we have chosen to live. We have talked about stating the process to get pre-approved for a VA loan. With a VA loan you can get pre-approved for up to a certain amount, we feel that will help us find out a good price range that we should stick to. Of Coarse we already have a good price range as we know what we can and can not afford, but to narrow it a little would be helpful.

5. Medical Insurance? Many of you already know that once out of the Army the medical coverage for your family disappears rather quickly. So we have been looking into state insurance options for the kids including medicaid and like.

6. What appointments need to happen before? For my family we need to make sure that all medical and dental appointments happen before the Hubbyman walks away. I have made a list and started making appointments. Basically every single one of us will have a medical appointment, dental appointment, and any specialty appointments before the day comes when we leave. Making sure that everyone gets things taken care of before can give you a little breathing room during the move. Also you will want to make sure any and all prescriptions get filled right before your move, again giving you a little breathing room directly following the move.

I know you can think of more but right now that is what our list contains. I hope that sharing our list with you can help you make your own list and make sure things are taken care of before the new adventure takes place.
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  1. I am sure there is a lot on your list. Let me just first off say "thanks!" to your hubby and to you as a family. Pray long and hard about all these decisions. My own personal belief is that God will honor your heart and will be a blessing to you all. Please think long and hard about leaving your home to work outside the home.