Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gwen the Magic Nanny Game Review!!

Games that i can play on my computer are one of my favorite types of games, don't get me wrong I love the Wii and Nintendo DS, but I love the times when I can sit down in front of my computer and play a game. Sometimes I even play a game while procrastinating writing a post. LOL

Gwen The Magic Nanny is a great Time Management game. Gwen gets to work for many different families with goals to complete for each family. I love that there are 3 levels of play for each family and believe me these are no ordinary families, unless you would call robots and frogs ordinary.

The levels start off easily enough with the third level being quite the challenge, being honest here the frogs almost did me in. I got past that family after a few tries.

Guess who once again has taken over the game? Yup my 9 year old son. Gwen the Magic Nanny is one game that I don't mind him playing. I usually allow him to play for 15-20 minutes before we start our school day. Kind of like a warm up for his brain.

Game Info:
Our favorite nanny transports players to Fantasy Town where they are recruited to help Gwen put the children to bed and finish other tasks for each of the seven families. With residents like wizards, werewolves, and robots, it takes a real superstar to handle these jobs. Features of Gwen the Magic Nanny include:

Gwen the Magic Nanny [Game Download]· Magical powers to keep the household in tiptop shape

· Unlock able special items to help Gwen with her duties

· Unique tasks for each family member, even pets

Game info can be found at

You can buy your own copy of Gwen the Magic Nanny HERE for just $9.99

I was able to bring you this review because I am part of the the game review network I was given free access to the game in order to be able to write the review. No other compnsation was offered or accepted and all above opinions are my own.

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