Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do you help your child/ren have a Healthy, Safe, and Successful School Year?

TwitterMoms and Airwear have teamed up and asked What are your top ten tips for helping your child have a Healthy, safe, and Successful School Year?

Now my list will vary from those of you who have children in public or private schools as I home school, but I do many things to keep our school year running smoothly.

Here are my top ten tips:

1. Healthy Food - Just like children who leave the house for school, I offer healthy foods everyday for lunch. I also do healthy breakfasts and snacks. We limit sugar and my children don't get many of the artificial dyes, such as Red #40.  We make a monthly menu just like you would find in a public school.

2. First Aid Kit - During the summer months our First aid kit can lack on the essentials. Before we begin our year I always make sure to re-stock the first aid kit.

3. Smoke Detectors - For us this is done monthly, but we emphasize on checking them before the school year starts.

4. Eye Doctor - Since my 7 year old and I both wear glasses, this is done every year in August. My children do some of the school work needed on the computer. Unfortunately this will be done sooner this year as my daughter's glasses were broken.

5. Dentist - We treat this as a learning experience, not only does it help promote healthy teeth it will also help so no days are missed by appts. during our school time.

6. Running Shoes - making sure that each child has a great pair of gym time shoes is important. When I was growing up I used to go through about 3 pairs per school year, so I always start the kids off with a good pair that offers support and great traction.

7. Safe School Area - The kids and I always go through the school area of our home to make sure that everything is safe and sound. We check that the bookshelf is sturdy and we make sure the lap tops are in good working condition.

8. Supplies - Just like the list that many get before school starts, we also have a list like this. I like for everything to be well stocked. I go through the books and make sure we start out with everything needed for the first 3 months. This way no assignment will be passed over because we didn't have the needed supplies.

9. Safe Outside Area - As exercise is very important I know we need a safe area in our back yard  and on our street that the kids can go out and get the daily exercise that they need. We make sure the grass part of our yard is free from rocks. We make sure that all outside toys are easily accessible and we also make a plan in case of raining, too hot, or snowy days.

10. Clothing - This area is not as important as it would be if my children were going to what they call normal school, but we make sure that they each start off the school year with enough shorts, pants, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and even the light Jacket, Winter jackets, gloves, and a hat to get them through the first half of the school year. This way they can also get the school clothes like others would, no one wants to feel left out because they are home schooled.

Now this is my top ten, you can also participate by writing an essay about your top ten, just go to lightersafergreener.com to learn more about Airwear’s essay contest.

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