Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It is TOO HOT!!

Okay not really yet, but it will get there.. We got home from our mini vacation yesterday, last night we had the Ft. Bliss Fire Department here at the house, and right now I am waiting for Housing to get here to hopefully fix a problem.

I don't know about any of you but if someone called and said "well last night we had the FIRE DEPARTMENT here because we smelled something like an electrical fire and this morning when we woke up the circuit breaker for the a/c was flipped, we flipped it back and it switched again" would be a little bit more than well someone will be there at some point this afternoon.

This is how my conversation went with this lady who was answering the phones to put in a work order:

Her: Hello, How can I help you?
Me: Hopefully you can

Her: Well tell me what is going on
Me: well we had the fir department here last night for what smelled like an electrical fire
Her: You smelled rubber burning
Me: No like wires and stuff, you know electrical

Her: That was last night, what is the problem now
Me: The breaker for the a/c keeps switching.
Her: I will have someone come out and switch it back on for you
Me: No, We woke up this morning and it was switched, we flipped it back on, and it just went out again.
Her: You didn't call us this morning
Me: No because you would have just sent someone out here to flip it back on and we would still be having this conversation.

Her: So what is your main concern?
Me: We have no air and with having the fire department out here last night, it is a bit worrisome
Her: You have no power
Me. We have power, just no a/c

Her: okay I will hand this off to my supervisor and someone will be out there at some point this afternoon.

That conversation happened at 12:25p.m.

2 hours later I called back because well it is really hot inside I get the same girl.

Her: Hello, How can I help you?
Me: Well I called 2 hours ago and I was just wondering if you had a time frame that someone might be out here.
Her: I told you before 5
Me: No you did not, you said sometime this afternoon
Her: Well that means before 5
Me: well you would think because we had the fire dept. out here last night and the problems we are having now that this would be more of a priority considering how hot it is outside.

Her: well I will call the supervisor and try to get someone out there as soon as I can
Me: Thank You
Her: click (she hung up)

Well about an hour later someone came to save the day, sort of. He unhooked a couple things so that the a/c would stay running for a bit to help cool the house down a little. He changed out the filter even though it was not too bad. He decided that what we smelled was the motor that was stuck. He gave me his personal cell number and asked if I could check to make sure the compressor continued to run. I said Yes, and he will be back around 6pm to hopefully fix the problem.

I love that he is trying to help make me and the kids comfortable before completely tearing apart the unit. I love that he is willing to wait until after the sun goes behind the Mountain making it more tolerable to be working on that side of our house.

All in all I have found out that we have crappy people taking the work orders, but the people themselves that come out are pretty cool.

In the middle of writing this, the workers had showed up and tonight I hope that they will be able to fix the problem. Stay tuned for a review and giveaway to be posted and of coarse an update to this...
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