Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ozone Warning, Really?!

Seriously, it is no wonder that all my kids have allergies here living in El Paso, TX. Today the Hubbyman called me to tell me to keep the kidlets indoors because of an Ozone Warning he had saw.  So I had to look into it because i have never lived somewhere that had an actual Ozone Warning.

Well I went online and started looking, right away I found the AirNow site and sure enough there was an Ozone Warning set for El Paso, TX.

The actual warning is this: USG - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups With the Health Message being: Active children and adults, and people with lung disease, such as asthma, should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.

I know this should not surprise me, but for some reason it does. This is where the Army sent my family. This is where even the baby who is just over 1 has to be on allergy meds, can't go out when it is windy (which this year seems to be all the time), and developed RSV. This is the place that I have had more migraines since being here for almost 2 years then I had in the last 10 years.

It all makes a little more since now, but how horrible for the people that choose El Paso as a permanent home. I know that my family will be out of here as soon as we can, then maybe just maybe my kids can be healthy for a change.
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