Thursday, July 29, 2010

You want to know a secret?

Okay so this is not so secret to people that know me in real life, buuuuut 

I am a smoker and I want (read) NEED to quit. I have decided that this carton that is down from 10 packs to 9 will be it. 

Smoking is my stress relief, but I have been known to bake or cook and feel awesome after doing so. Hmm maybe that is my new stress relief.

I need advice, help, thoughts, and most likely a few prayers in order to make this happen.

I like to walk and run, you know in those runs like the Race For The Cure and the Autism run. Oh and the Wounded Warriors walk/run that I did a few months ago. So in order for me to do that successfully I NEED to quit, that is one of my goals.

So please give it to me. If you are an ex-smoker please share with me how you did it? If you are on this new journey, please tell me what you are doing?

To start I am making a list (I love lists) I will write down the time I last smoked and when I get the urge again, I will look at my list. I want to start off by making sure at least an hour has passed before the next what I call break time.


  1. I NEED to quit as well.... so hard. I like the idea of writing down when you smoke. Seeing it in black and white may help! I may have to start trying that myself.

  2. Tracy, We can do it together. I did pretty well today with at least 1 hour inbetween. We will see how tomorrow goes.