Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Energizer Smart Charger How it would make MY life easier!!

Since there are 6 of us here in this house ages ranging from 1 to almost 34 we have A LOT of toys. I always say I should just buy stock in the darn battery business because I feel I am always changing batteries in something. If it is not the baby's favorite toy that teaches him some great stuff, it is the Wii remotes, the mouse for the computer, or some other item. It is a never ending cycle and I hear at least twice a week "Moooom!! The batteries are dead, again." Believe me I have come to dread those words, mostly because we are usually out of whichever battery is needed at the time. It the item takes a AA, when I go to replace it we have 0 AA's but a ton of AAA's. With a Smart charger I would never go to the battery drawer (yes we have a whole drawer just for batteries) and not have the size needed.

So you ask how an Energizer Smart Charger could help me? I would LOVE not to have to buy a crap ton of batteries every month and while I know not every toy or product can use rechargeable batteries the majority of them can. I know the Wii remotes can and just that can save me a bunch, in fact I would save so much that I could go out and buy new toys that take batteries. LOL It would also be nice to get my kitchen drawer back and use it for something other than batteries..

I wrote this in order to try and get a Target gift card and an Energizer Smart Charger from Energizer. I learned about this from jleighdesignz. Who not to mention is an awesome blogger and I have learned so many things from!

Do you use a lot of batteries? Do you use rechargeable batteries? I want to know what your experience has been.
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