Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to make a big decision..

This past week I have had to really think about what would be best for my daughter. Many of you read that this school year I was going to place the kids into public school. That is what I did, many things are different between home school and public school and I have seen first hand this past week just what those differences are.

My daughter had a horrible first week. I feel the teacher never looked at my daughter's file to see what if any challenges she may face. Natalee had severe ADHD and GAD. She is medicated, although I would love for her to not be. I told the teacher on the first day that Natalee is a beginner reader and her writing and spelling can use some work. I was straightforward and never held anything back from the school.

I knew there would be an adjustment and my son is doing that, still tries to get up when he is suppose to be seated, but his teacher is awesome and we are working together to find his learning style. Natalee is just not getting it, which some of it is because no one can seem to take the few minutes to show her. Take the lunch line for instance. Natalee has never not once eaten lunch in a lunchroom. Thursday when I picked her up she said she was starving, turns out she did not eat lunch because she had no idea how to go through the line. Friday I had a meeting with the teacher and said flat out that someone needs to walk her through the line to show her how it works (this was before lunch) When I was taking Dustin to school, there was Nat wandering the halls looking for her teacher. She had not eaten yet because she needed help. At that time her teacher came around the corner on her way to pick up the kids from the lunchroom. I shot her a look and she knew she had once again done me wrong. She then took Natalee through the line and Natalee was able to eat.

There is a lot more but it breaks my heart to reenact how Nat's first week of school had gone. So now I am left with some big decisions to make. Because she is behind in reading and writing I have 2 choices. 1 place her in a first grade class, where she would be able to not only learn what school is all about but also be with others who are at the same level in reading and writing. 2 pull her out of school and home school her at the 2nd grade level with more emphasis on reading and writing.

Right now it is looking like we will place her into the first grade and see if she can finally adjust and if not then withdraw her from public school. It is such a hard decision, so once again I will be up at the school to talk to the Principal, Assistant principal, and counselor and try to come up with a plan of action.

I will keep you updated as we continue this crazy journey...

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