Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Rattles!!! Review and Giveaway!!

Do your kids LOVE music? At our house music is our #1 choice for entertainment. We listen to many different kinds. When I first heard about The Rattles thanks to The Musebox, I was quite surprised at who they were being compared to, but after listening to them the Hubbyman and I agree they have a sound like the Beatles, which for the Hubbyman made listening to a children's CD that much more enjoyable.

You can download and listen to “Wavy Lane”  This is just one of the great and fun songs by The Rattles.

From the press:
New York, NY– Hailing straight from the swamps of Central Jersey, an eclectic band of anthropomorphic critters known as The Rattles are preparing to roll out their debut studio album ‘RATTLE ON’. Working in the classic traditions of The Beatles, Moxy Fruvous, The Monkees, and They Might Be Giants, The Rattles apply a fresh fusion of classic rock and power pop that is sure to appeal to fans of all ages and put them on the map.

The unique animal collective consists of four stellar musicians and life-long friends – Gus, Kitty, Sal, and Hal – who describe their upcoming release as “the album we were born to make”. From start to finish, ‘RATTLE ON’ provides a solid testament to The Rattles’ undeniable musical ingenuity, jammed with catchy pop melodies and feel-good vibes that are sure to inspire lots of head swaying and booty-shaking.

With their trusty manager Benny and a devoted legion of roadies all named Elvis in tow, The Rattles intend to take their show on the road and connect directly with the people who inspire them most – the fans. With such a distinct background and a colorful collection of grooves, The Rattles are shaping up to be one of the most intriguing new music acts of the year.

I caught the baby of the family dancing when we were listening to the CD, so I made a little video catching his awesome moves.

The Rattles Cd is now out there for everyone to buy and enjoy as of it's release yesterday.

The Rattles released a music video for "Rattle On" I have to say that Rattle On is one of my kids Favorites!!

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You can learn more about The Rattles by visiting their website HERE

Thanks to The Musebox I have an additional copy of The Rattles cd to giveaway to one of my awesome followers.  This giveaway will run until September 8th!! On that day I will use to choose a winner.
To enter just leave your name and email address in a comment along with who the cd is for. Nice and Easy!! Good Luck!!


  1. I LOVE your baby's moves! Rattle On, little one!

  2. Looks like a fun cd! I think both of my boys would love it.... just like your little one did! LOL